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Top 10 Surfers
Robert Norton566882
Jiri Lukavec313083
Jimmy Lockwood284508
Bob Boulris172486
catherine lesher121471
Viet Phap Su117685
Gary Schachtschneider29334

Top 20 Auto Surfers
Terrence Christian9170
George Connor1130
Jimmy Lockwood837
Jiri Lukavec387
Viet Phap Su48
Alex Diaz7
Althea March1

Top 5 Manual Surfers
George Connor24
Jimmy Lockwood12
Alex Diaz1

Top 5 Referrers
Jiri Lukavec30
Robert Norton18
Jimmy Lockwood5
Gary Schachtschneider3
Bob Boulris1

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Jiri Lukavec

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